Little Magazines
In collaboration with:
Politecnico di Milano, Italy , 16 November 2016​​​​​​​
Little Magazines is a seminar organized on by Enrico Forestieri, teaching assistant at Teorie e tecniche della progettazione architettonica, course led by Professor Alessandro Rocca.
Besides Burrasca, were invited to speak: Gong!, REM, RROARK!, Shht, Statement and STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine.
The phenomenon of the independent architectural magazines, in particular in the Italian context, both in the digital and in the printed form, was considered by the speakers as the most contemporary expression of flash thoughts.
Our magazines mostly deal with a large range of interests and peculiar points of view and follow the self–publishing and self–financing model.
The editors on the stage explained radicalisms and ambitious of their projects, roughing out the state of the art of this “movement.”
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